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No one likes being the target of a ‘hard sell’. Accordingly our suggestions of ways and means by which we could be of service to you are in one of the back pages. When you have had a chance to ‘look around the shop’ and discover you have some questions you can simply contact me!

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  • The Police Report
    I will be in several countries over the next months why not talk with an officer in each country and pose the same question, “What, in your personal opinion and alcohol excluded, is the major cause of expressway accidents?”
  • Cellphones: Banning the Symptom Will Not Cure the Disease
    By Al Gullon – Published in Canadian Auto World Since starting these “now ’n’ then” columns I have avoided reference, thinking it some kind of conflict of interest, to my own research in traffic safety. Two things have changed my mind. Firstly, Lynn Helpard’s decision to undertake a series of articles on traffic safety. (My … Read more